• Customized  EPC Casting

    Customized EPC Casting

    EPC Casting EPC casting (lost form casting) is a process of precision forming without allowance. It is characterized by the use of metal foam do disappear...

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  • Precision Automobile Casting Parts

    Precision Automobile Casting Parts

    automobile casting parts With the continuous growth of automobile production,It is required that automobile casting parts production to high quality,...

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  • Coated Sand Casting

    Coated Sand Casting

    Coated sand casting Characteristics of coated sand casting: With suitable strength properties; good fluidity, sand, sand core profile made clear, compact...

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  • Investment Casting for Machinery Parts

    Investment Casting for Machinery Parts

    Investment casting Investment casting can be used to cast all kinds of complex castings, especially the casting of high temperature alloy. Such as jet...

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  • Resin Sand Casting

    Resin Sand Casting

    Resin sand casting The resin sand casting is the original sand and resin formed by mixing resin sand, resin sand into the mold cavity, the molding made by...

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  • Green Sand Casting

    Green Sand Casting

    The clay and water amount of the main binder sand, sand made directly after locking and pouring in the wet state.The strength of the green sand depends on...

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  • Customized Grey Iron Casting

    Customized Grey Iron Casting

    Grey iron casting Grey iron casting is the first stage graphitization process full obtained cast iron,all or most of the carbon flake graphite morphology,...

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  • Pump Castings Lost Foam Casting

    Pump Castings Lost Foam Casting

    Pump castings Pump body parts belong to the pressure parts, each part wall thickness difference is larger,The pump castings structure is complex and...

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  • Precision Ductile Castings

    Precision Ductile Castings

    Ductile iron casting Ductile iron is a kind of high strength cast iron materials developed in the 50s twentieth Century.Its comprehensive performance is...

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