What Are The Advantages Of Steel Castings?

- Mar 03, 2017 -

1) cast steel metallurgy manufacturing adaptability and variability, you can choose a different chemical composition and organization control, adapted to a variety of different engineering requirements; can be different heat treatment process in a larger range of mechanical properties and use Performance, and good welding performance and processing performance.

2) The isotropic nature of the cast steel and the overall structural strength of the cast steel, thus improving the engineering reliability. Coupled with the weight reduction of the design and delivery time is short, in terms of price and economy has a competitive advantage.

3) The weight of the cast steel can be varied over a wide range. The weight of small can be only a few dozen grams of precision casting, and the weight of large cast steel up to several tons, tens of tons or even hundreds of tons.

  • Customized  EPC Casting
  • Precision Automobile Casting Parts
  • Customized Grey Iron Casting
  • Precision Ductile Castings
  • Precision Casting Pump Valve Castings
  • Alloy Aluminium Die Casting

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