The Classification Of Cast Iron Is Divided By The Color Of The Fracture

- Mar 03, 2017 -

(1) Gray cast iron The carbon in this cast iron is mostly or in the form of free-form flaky graphite in the form of a dark gray, with some mechanical properties and good cutting performance, and is widely used in industry

(2) white cast iron white cast iron is completely or almost no graphite in the organization of an iron-carbon alloy, the fracture was white and bright, hard and brittle, can not be cut, rarely used in the industry directly to the production Mechanical Parts. In its high surface hardness and wear resistance, also known as chilled cast iron or chilled cast iron

  (3) Ma mouth cast iron Ma mouth cast iron is between white cast iron and gray cast iron between a cast iron, the fracture was gray and white pits, poor performance, very little application

  • Precision Automobile Casting Parts
  • Coated Sand Casting
  • Investment Casting for Machinery Parts
  • Green Sand Casting
  • Customized Grey Iron Casting
  • Casting Ductile Iron Manhole Covers

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