The Classification Of Cast Iron According To The Production Methods And Organizational Performance Points

- Mar 03, 2017 -

(1) ordinary gray cast iron See "gray cast iron"

(2) pregnant cast iron This is based on the gray cast iron, the use of "metamorphic treatment" made, also known as metamorphic cast iron. Its strength, plasticity and toughness are much better than the average gray cast iron, the organization is more uniform. Mainly used in the manufacture of mechanical properties of higher requirements, and large changes in cross-sectional size of large castings

(3) malleable cast iron malleable cast iron is a certain component of the white cast iron by graphite annealing, gray cast iron has a higher toughness, also known as toughness cast iron. It can not be forged, commonly used to create the impact load of castings

(4) ductile iron referred to as ductile iron. It is obtained by adding a certain amount of nodularizing agent and inkizing agent to the molten iron during casting to promote crystallization of spherical graphite. It is compared with steel, in addition to plasticity, toughness is slightly lower, the other properties are close, both steel and cast iron advantages of fine materials, widely used in mechanical engineering

(5) special performance cast iron This is a certain characteristics of cast iron, according to the use of different, can be divided into wear-resistant cast iron, heat-resistant cast iron, corrosion-resistant cast iron. Mostly belong to the alloy cast iron, in the machinery manufacturing application is more extensive

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