Steel Pipe In The Industrial Field Of Management Scale

- Mar 03, 2017 -

China's rapid development of industrial economy, steel castings in the alloying elements of this contraction has no significant impact. Just after solidification of the metal, the strength is very low. The stiffness of the mold makes the shape of the cast steel well adapted to this shrinkage and the successful production of the castings. Due to shrinkage reasons, to produce qualified castings, many castings require a lot of research. The density of the castings is very sensitive to the composition, structure and temperature of the steel. The density of the castings is also affected by the size or quality of the sections. The change in composition and structure has little effect on the elastic constants of carbon steel and low alloy steels determined at room temperature. The increase in temperature has a significant effect on the modulus of elasticity and rigidity.

As China's steel industry, large-scale, domestic management and backward technology can not meet the needs of the development of steel industry, most of the energy needs from foreign imports, foreign steel production in order to reduce the ecological damage, reduce energy extraction rate Its mineral resources to implement a variety of tax, which increases the procurement costs of China's steel castings enterprises to reduce its economic efficiency, coupled with China's domestic steel casting technology and equipment failed to achieve the world's advanced level, its production process The use of energy is not enough.

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