Special Properties Of Castings

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Casting using EPC/resin sand casting, when casting in casting should pay attention to the following points:

First, in the initial stage of pouring, especially in the metal liquid just contact Styrofoam moment, as a result of the appearance of material gasification of a large number of gases, when the straight gate is not filled or just started pouring when the metal liquid static pressure head is smaller than polystyrene decomposition products gas pressure, too fast pouring easily produce choking phenomenon, so that metal liquid splash. Casting Parts In order to avoid this phenomenon, in the pouring start stage can take the first fine flow slow pouring method, when the pouring system is filled with metal liquid, you can increase the pouring speed as soon as possible, but the pouring cup for the metal full without overflow as the criterion. In the later stage of pouring, when the metal liquid reaches the top of the shape or the root of the riser, Casting Parts it should be slightly collected to keep the metal from rising smoothly and not causing the metal liquid to rush out of the mouth.

Second, choose the bottom note package as far as possible. The heat loss of the metal liquid at the bottom is small, the pressure head is big, the pouring speed is fast, the dross floats on the metal liquid surface, the pouring molten steel is quite clean. Under the condition of equipment, Casting Parts some requirements are not high or the general medium and small castings can be subcontracted.

Third, the pouring process can not be interrupted. In the EPC casting, the molten metal must be continuously injected until the mold is fully filled. Otherwise, it is easy to stop the casting of the entire plane of cold insulation defects.

Castings have excellent mechanical and physical properties, Casting Parts it can have a variety of different strength, hardness, toughness, combined with the comprehensive performance, but also a combination of a variety of special properties, such as wear resistance, high temperature and low temperature, corrosion resistance.

Casting weight and size range are very wide, the lightest weight of only a few grams, the heaviest can reach 400 tons, the wall thickness of the thinnest only 0.5 mm, the thickest can be more than 1 meters, Casting Parts the length can be a few millimeters to more than 10 meters, can meet the requirements of different industrial sectors.

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