Process Method Of Precision Casting

- Aug 14, 2017 -

Precision casting is the world leader in foundry industry, as the foundry industry in the high and new field of representatives, precision casting must play its exemplary role and lead role, but the precision casting to play these two functions of the premise is strong itself, so China's precision casting should be prioritized development, development needs the established policy and development goals.

Precision casting may be very unfamiliar to some small partners, but for our precision casting manufacturers are familiar with, because the owner of our factory do is it, Precision Casting if you need this knowledge can contact manufacturers, the following is for users to determine the precision casting holding pressure and open mold and filling time method, hoping to give users a certain help.

Holding pressure time.

The duration of holding pressure depends on the material and wall thickness of the precision casting. For castings with high melting point, large crystallization temperature range and thick wall, holding pressure time is longer. For castings with small wall and thin temperature range, Precision Casting the holding time can be shorter. If the holding time is insufficient, it is easy to cause shrinkage. But holding the pressure time too long, Precision Casting can not play a very big effect, but it is easy to cause the vertical die-casting machine to remove excess material difficulties.

Second, open mold time.

After holding the pressure should open the mold to remove the precision casting products. The opening time from the end of the press to the die casting die is called the open mode. Precision Casting Sufficient opening time can make precision casting in the mold will have a certain strength, open mold and ejection without deformation or tension. Meat open mold time is too short, then the casting strength is still low when demoulding, casting easily deformed.

Third, fill time.

The time it takes for a liquid metal to enter the die-casting cavity until it starts to fill the cavity is called filling time. The length of the fill time depends on the size and complexity of the precision casting.

Precision Casting is a general term for precise casting process with precise moulding method. Precision castings are metal forming objects obtained by means of precision casting, that is, Precision Casting the molten liquid metal is injected into a prepared mold by pouring, injection, inhalation, or other casting methods, and the cooled warp is obtained with certain shapes, sizes and properties.

Precision Casting includes: investment casting, ceramic mold casting, metal casting, pressure casting, EPC casting. The more commonly used is the investment casting, also known as Lost wax casting: the choice of suitable melt material system (such as paraffin) to create a melting mode, repeated on the melt-coated refractory paint and the process of blasting refractory sand, hardened shell and dry; then melt the inner mold, obtain the cavity, Precision Casting roast the shell to obtain the sufficient strength, and burn the residual melt material, the metal material needed for pouring, solidification and cooling, shelling after cleaning sand, so as to obtain High-precision finished products. Precision Casting According to the needs of the product or heat treatment and cold processing and surface treatment. Related report: The research Report on the market analysis, forecast and development trend of China precision casting parts 2016-2022, published by Chi-ji consultancy, shows: In recent years, China's precision casting industry projects continue to increase, production capacity continues to improve, in 2015, China precision castings production breakthrough 2.2 million tons. 2015 China National precision casting parts production

In recent years, China's precision casting industry downstream demand for the field of continuous expansion of precision casting parts of the increasing demand, in 2015, China's precision casting industry market scale of more than 110 billion yuan. 2015 China Precision casting parts industry market scale China precision casting industry some key enterprises

One of the advantages of precision casting is the ability to produce various alloys and very complex, thin-walled castings, castings with high dimensional precision, low surface roughness, Precision Casting and can achieve little or no cutting, which is not comparable to sand casting and forgings. As the requirements for the parts increase, more and more sand castings or forgings will be replaced by fine castings. With the continuous improvement of the industrial chain of China precision casting parts industry, the continuous improvement of the technical level, the downstream demand for precision castings in the field of increasing demand, it can be seen that in the next few years, Precision Casting China's precision casting production will continue to be stable growth trend. China's precision casting production is expected to close to 4.6 million tonnes by 2021. 2016-2021 years of medium brine precision casting production forecasting the rapid development of China's economy makes the domestic fine casting market expanding, such as the rapid development of automotive industry to promote the production of precision casting products and the brand's fast upgrade, Precision Casting the development of the housing construction industry to increase the demand for building hardware, enterprises directly from the region to purchase parts, the original international market orders into the domestic market orders. Demand for precision castings has only increased in downstream demand areas. It can be seen that in the next few years, China's precision casting industry market size will continue to be stable growth trend. It is expected that by 2021, China's precision casting industry market size is expected to close to 285 billion yuan.

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