Precision Casting Process

- Jun 26, 2017 -

Precision casting is the general term for obtaining precision castings. Compared to the traditional sand casting process, precision casting cast size is more accurate, better surface finish.

basic concept

Precision casting include: investment casting, ceramic casting, metal casting, pressure casting, lost mold casting.

Which is more commonly used for investment casting, Precision Casting also known as lost wax casting: the use of suitable melting materials (such as paraffin) to create investment in the mold on the repeated wear refractory coating and spray fire sanding process, hardening shell and dry; Dissolving the internal melt mold to obtain a cavity; firing the shell to obtain sufficient strength, and burning the residual investment material; pouring the desired metal material; solidifying the cooling, removing the sand after the shell, so as to obtain high Precision finished product. Precision Casting According to product needs or heat treatment and cold processing and surface treatment.

Precision casting process

Pressure wax (wax wax wax) - wax repair ---- wax test ---- group tree (wax mold tree) --- shell (first dip pulp, leaching sand, and then dip pulp, and finally mold

Shell air drying) --- dewaxing (steam dewaxing) ------- shell roasting - chemical analysis - pouring (pouring molten steel in the mold) ---- vibration shelling ---

Casting and pouring bar cutting separation ---- grinding gate --- initial inspection (wool embryo inspection) --- shot blasting cleaning ----- machining ----- polishing --- finished product inspection --- Warehousing

Casting production process is generally the general can be divided into pressure wax, shell, pouring, post-processing, inspection

Pressure wax includes (pressure wax, wax, group tree)

Pressure wax - the use of pressure wax machine for the production of wax die

Revised wax - the wax mold to be amended

Group tree --- the wax mold group tree

Shelling (hanging sand, hanging pulp, air-dried)

Pouring, including (roasting, chemical analysis is also called playing spectrum, Precision Casting pouring, shock shell, cut gate, grinding gate)

Post-processing includes (sandblasting, shot blasting, correction, pickling)

Inspection includes (wax inspection, initial inspection, inspection, finished product inspection)

China's precision casting industry development or have some hope that the market demand has slowly began to pick up, and coupled with the development of China's foundry industry has a solid strength, I believe that China's foundry industry will certainly achieve gratifying results.

Experts said that to fundamentally improve the level of casting technology must do the following four points: First, the development of simulation technology to improve the accuracy of the forecast, to strengthen the process control, improve the yield. Regularity of the problem is not very good grasp, thus affecting the production rate in mass production. Second, the combination of production and research. Precision Casting Enterprise independent innovation in addition to enhance the sense of innovation and research and development capabilities to enhance, but also need to pay attention to and strengthen the precision casting enterprises as the main "production, learning, research" combination. Third, attention to material research and development. Material is the basis of industry, there is still a lot of work to do. In the field of aerospace, alloy materials, especially high temperature alloys and some other new materials research, smelting technology has yet to be improved, and the gap is still large. Fourth, Precision Casting pay attention to the upgrading of equipment technology. Process is mainly the problem of equipment, a lot of key equipment, such as some directional solidification equipment is mainly dependent on imports, so precision casting equipment research and development is still the focus.

Precision casting is the world leader in the casting industry, as the casting industry in the field of high-tech representatives, precision casting must play its exemplary role and take the lead, but the precision casting to play these two roles is the premise of its own strong, so our country Precision casting should be given priority development, the development needs of established goals and development goals, precision casting industry development goals are the following aspects:

First, the completion of the growth mode by the labor, resource-intensive to the technology capital-intensive changes from extensive pollution to green intensive type of change, the product quality, variety, the number of the world's advanced level, the proportion of high-quality materials Increase, Precision Casting the entire precision casting plant production efficiency, economic efficiency doubled; environmental pollution has been effectively managed, initially built with the environment co-ordination of China's casting materials industry system.

Second, the formation of a number of reasonable structure, the overall level of high combination of research and development and education and training base, can continue to transport professional personnel, and constantly develop high-quality, high-grade casting new varieties of materials to meet the growing casting materials Need, and gradually increase the intensity of technology exports.

Third, to complete the industrial structure adjustment, out of a number of low technical level, poor product quality, serious pollution, poor economic efficiency of small precision casting plant, the formation of a relatively concentrated "small giant" and "Star Enterprise" to achieve "professional Of the scale of "production. In particular, to the emergence of one or two well-known enterprises to compete with the world's leading enterprises, Precision Casting their high level of technology, sophisticated technology, well-funded, advanced management level, can continue to provide high-end market, high-quality casting materials, market share High rate.

Precision casting industry if to achieve the above development goals, to expand their own, then the precision casting industry will be able to play in the casting industry pioneer model and take the lead in driving the development of casting industry.

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