Precision Casting Is A Special Casting

- Aug 24, 2017 -

Casting, which is the liquid metal casting into the mold cavity, until the cooling and solidification, to get the finished product, its type, there are sand casting, and special casting and so on. And precision casting, which belongs to the special casting, and its finished products, Precision Casting generally do not need to be processed. So, between casting and precision casting, is for subordination.

Precision casting applications, it can be said that it is very wide, if specifically speaking, it is in the petrochemical, electronics, energy, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and transportation and other industries. Its specific products, Precision Casting it is for a variety of castings, such as copper castings, aluminum castings, steel castings, and copper and aluminum castings and so on.

Precision casting, which is a kind of casting, so naturally, Precision Casting it belongs to the casting field. And casting, because it is an independent industry, Precision Casting and its no industry planning areas, therefore, is usually attributed to metallurgy or material molding in this area.

Precision casting, from a professional point of view, then, it is relative to the traditional casting process of an advanced casting methods and methods. So, in the casting type, there are several, Precision Casting but the vast majority, is based on water glass casting. And ordinary casting, it is a sand cast this one, but in the precision casting, there is no, so this is the difference between them.

In the precision casting, in the choice of its approach, should be taken into account, mainly for the method of adaptability, and whether it can be through the equipment, etc., using advanced modeling or core technology to improve work efficiency. For the casting of ferrous metals, it is possible to use precision casting. Moreover, according to the characteristics of the casting, can be used to produce some thin-walled castings.

Precision casting mold, for this kind of mold, we call it as a casting mold, and it is a precision casting of the exclusive mold. And through the precision casting of the parts, Precision Casting is not required for machining. Because, precision casting, which belongs to the special casting, in the casting size, is a very good accuracy, to achieve higher standards and requirements.

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