Precision Casting Has Been Widely Used

- Sep 05, 2017 -

Precision casting, which belongs to a kind of net near-forming casting technology, using the method of precision modelling, can cast out

Castings with high precision, very complex shape and very thin thickness. Compared with the ordinary casting method, its casting precision is very high, the shape of the casting is also very complex, Precision Casting can be processed with little or no processing, and can be mass production. Therefore, the precision casting process plays a very important role in the production process of our country.

China is a manufacturing country, it is clear that precision casting technology has been widely used. There are many kinds of precision casting technology, mainly including: investment casting technology, Precision Casting metal casting technology, die casting technology, EPC technology, etc., but the most commonly used is investment casting technology.

Precision casting, also known as investment casting, Precision Casting has the following characteristics compared with other casting methods and parts forming methods:

1. High precision castings, fine surface roughness, the size of castings can reach 4-6, the surface roughness can be up to 0.4-3.2μm, can greatly reduce the processing allowance of castings, and can achieve no amount of manufacturing, reduce production costs.

2, can cast complex shape, and difficult to use other methods of processing castings, the size of the castings to a few millimeters large to thousands of millimeters, the wall thickness of the thinnest 0.5mm, the smallest hole is below 1.0mm.

3, the alloy material is unrestricted: such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy and high-temperature alloy, Precision Casting titanium alloy and precious metal materials can be produced by casting, for difficult to forge, welding and cutting of the alloy materials, Precision Casting is particularly suitable for casting method production.

4, high flexibility in production, adaptable. It can be used in mass production as well as in small batches and even in single pieces.

To sum up, precision casting has the advantages of small investment scale, large production capacity, Precision Casting low cost, complex product process simplification and quick investment. Thus in the competition with other processes and modes of production in a favorable position.

The advantages of precision casting:

1. The scope of adaptation is wide, not limited by the size, thickness and complexity of the shape of the castings. Flexible mode of production

2. Can be used in a wide range of materials, can be used in a large number of scrap metal and renewable resources, and forging compared to the power consumption of small.

3. Castings have a certain size precision, small processing allowance, Precision Casting saving working hours and metal materials

4. Low cost, good overall economic performance, energy, material consumption and lower cost

Application of precision casting technology in production welding drive bearings, it is a transmission bearing structure, complex shape, the use of welding technology to produce the process, it first required the parts to be processed, and then assembled, and soldering to make it a whole piece, processing time is longer, Precision Casting And the quality is not guaranteed (the bearing has the possibility of deformation). Through the analysis of the whole structure of the transmission support, and the selection of materials and the design of geometric size analysis, the final use of precision casting technology to process forming is the best choice, and the quality of casting products is very high, only a very small number of important size selectivity of machine processing. Precision casting transmission support is a transmission bearing which is machined by the precision casting process.

Comparing the two processing methods, we can see that there are significant differences in the time and cost of processing production, and the economic benefits they bring are not the same in mass production.

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