Lost Foam Casting Features

- May 27, 2017 -

Do the box, the shell is lost mold casting strengths, because no need under the core, not type. Not only the appearance of the product quality, dimensional accuracy, intrinsic quality, Lost Foam Casting much higher than the sand casting, the cost than the sand casting does not increase, significantly lower than the resin sand casting. Therefore, the competitive advantage is extremely strong. According to statistics, the current domestic production of box shell casting plant, only the lower grades of products, but also the use of clay sand outside. High-grade products have been switched to resin sand and EPC. Due to high cost, Lost Foam Casting resin sand in the disappearance of the mold to the process of transition, predicted in the next two years, the domestic production of the shell shell manufacturers will use EPC casting.

It is understood that nearly two years abroad to the domestic purchase of the car box shell list, a substantial increase this year has got a list of 30 million.

In addition, several major domestic heavy car group's export volume increased significantly, the amount of box purchases also increased. Such as; Shaanxi teeth, Qi teeth, Lost Foam Casting Jinan heavy box procurement gap is very large, the price is also very good.

2, water supply pipe fittings

The city water shortage has become a social problem, real estate development and community construction, need a lot of pipe fittings, with Lost Foam casting production pipe, good quality, no increase in weight, Lost Foam Casting has been favored by the pipe factory, so the current production of pipe fittings factory Are used EPC casting.

Consumers, especially large diameter pipe fittings in the international market is very large, Africa and the Middle East countries, large-scale drinking water projects in the domestic procurement of a large number of ∮ 1000 above the diameter of the pipe fittings, the price is very good, Lost Foam Casting but also in the theoretical weight increase of 20% The

3, mine wear-resistant materials castings

Wear-resistant materials such as mining, mining, quarrying, power generation, cement and other industries, with the dental plate, liner, hammer, etc. Lost Foam Casting are particularly suitable for EPC casting production, Lost Foam Casting wear-resistant materials, Replacement installation saves time and effort, welcomed by users. At present, Zhangjiakou, Chengde area along the small mine-intensive areas, cash purchase, in short supply.

Belgium to stop the casting industry after the domestic, Lost Foam Casting a large number of foreign wear-resistant materials procurement orders into China, Zhejiang Wuyi, Anhui Ningguo, Liaoning Jianping wear-resistant materials manufacturers concentrated areas, often seek foreign cooperation projects and casting procurement.

4, machine bed, cold pressing template and other large castings

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