Eliminate High-temperature Graphite Annealing Of Cast Iron White Mouth

- Mar 03, 2017 -

Casting cooling, the surface and the thin section, often produce white mouth. White mouth tissue hard and brittle, poor processing performance, easy to peel off. Therefore, the use of annealing (or normalizing) method must be used to eliminate white mouth tissue. Annealing process: heating to 550-950 ℃ insulation 2 ~ 5 h, then the furnace cooled to 500-550 ℃ and then baked air-cooled. During the high temperature insulation, the high cementite and eutectic cementite are decomposed into graphite and A, and the secondary cementite and eutectoid cement are decomposed during the subsequent cooling process, and the graphitization process occurs. Due to the decomposition of cementite, resulting in decreased hardness, thereby improving the machinability.

  • Precision Automobile Casting Parts
  • Coated Sand Casting
  • Investment Casting for Machinery Parts
  • Casting Ductile Iron Manhole Covers
  • Aluminum Alloy Castings
  • Alloy Aluminium Die Casting

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