Characteristics Of Cast Iron

- Sep 05, 2017 -

Characteristics of cast iron

Cast iron is mainly composed of iron, carbon and silicon alloys. In these alloys, the amount of carbon in the austenite solid solution can be retained in excess of the eutectic temperature.

The tensile strength, plasticity and toughness of cast iron are lower than that of carbon steel. Although the mechanical properties of cast iron are inferior to steel, the presence of graphite gives cast iron many properties that are not as steel. such as good wear resistance, Iron Casting high vibration resistance, low notch sensitivity and excellent cutting processing performance.

In addition, the high carbon content of cast iron, its composition is close to the eutectic composition, so the melting point of cast iron is low, about 1200 ℃, Iron Casting the molten iron fluidity is good, because the graphite crystallization volume expands, so the transfer shrinkage rate is small, its casting performance is superior to steel, so the casting method is usually used as cast iron.

Cast iron is a multi-element casting alloy based on iron-carbon silicon.

The chemical composition of cast iron (mass fraction) range is: C 2.0%~4.0%, Si 1.0%~3.0%, Mn 0.20%~1.50%, S 0.02%~0.25%, P 0.05%~1.0%. In addition, sometimes it contains CR, Mo, Cu, Al, TI and other alloy elements called alloy cast iron.

(2) Performance characteristics of cast iron

It is generally believed that the characteristics of cast iron are as follows.

1) has excellent casting performance. Cast iron because of high carbon, silicon content, Iron Casting it has a low melting point, excellent fluidity, you can cast various shapes of castings.

2 Good mechanical properties. Cast iron itself has excellent compressive strength, wear resistance and damping performance. The heat treatment can also make its strength reach and close to the level of cast steel and forge.

3 The production process is simple and the cost is low. Cast iron smelting, inoculation treatment, spherical treatment and heat treatment process simple, convenient production, low cost, the machinery industry, metallurgy industry widely used.

Cast iron is more than 2 carbon content. o% iron-carbon alloy. Besides carbon, Iron Casting it contains a certain number of chemical elements such as silicon, manganese, sulphur, phosphorus and some impurities. Some other chemical elements are sometimes added. Cast iron, also known as Pig Iron, is an important primary product of the metallurgical plant, most of which is used for steelmaking and another part of the machine factory to produce iron castings, Iron Casting as the main burden of two times remelting. Cast iron is an important and commonly used structural material in modern machine manufacturing industry because of its low cost, good casting performance and performance. The weight of the machine generally accounted for the total weight of $number. 

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