Castings Have A Clear Outline Of The Characteristics

- Aug 24, 2017 -

Casting is widely used, has been applied to the hardware and the entire machinery and electronics industry, and its use is becoming a growing trend. The use of large-scale machinery, machine tools, ships, aerospace, automotive, motorcycle, electronics, computers, electrical appliances, Casting Parts lighting and other industries, many are ordinary people all day contact, but do not understand the Metal objects.

Casting if the quality is good, it should have a clear outline, size, precise, dense organization, fine grain and so on.

Alloy casting performance on the casting structure requirements: casting wall thickness should be reasonable first to ensure that the requirements of alloy fluidity, Casting Parts and then consider the casting wall thickness is not too large, castings should be considered thick wall thicker, to avoid casting shrinkage When the wall thickness should be uniform throughout the hot section is easy to form shrinkage, shrinkage, Casting Parts thick grain and other defects; castings should try to avoid large levels of water.

Casting process on the casting structure requirements: try to avoid the shape of the live block; simplify the casting structure, reduce the parting; minimize or no core; Casting Parts consider the core of the fixed, air and clean up; try to make the parting surface straight; Vertical wall Consider structural slope.

In the ductile iron, the mass fraction of carbon is controlled within the range of 3.5% to 3.9%. After the ballification treatment, the mass fraction of carbon is usually reduced by 0.1% to 0.3%. The carbon is mainly in the form of spherical graphite, After the spherical shape, the impact of the amount of graphite on the mechanical properties is not very important, but in order to improve the casting performance, Casting Parts carbon is always maintained at a higher line, and the use of graphitization of the expansion to compensate for the shrinkage, increased casting compactness, Higher mechanical properties. In the eutectic composition, Casting Parts increase the carbon content can increase the absorption rate of magnesium, is conducive to spheroidization, but reduce the carbon content is easy to produce free cementite, Casting Parts but also to reduce the carbon content, So that mechanical properties, brittleness increased, while increasing shrinkage and shrinkage and other casting defects.

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