Cast Iron - Heat Treatment Process

- Mar 03, 2017 -

1. Eliminate stress annealing Due to the uneven wall thickness of the casting, stress and tissue stress are generated during heating, cooling and phase change. In addition, large parts in the machining after its internal remnants of residual stress, all of these internal stress must be eliminated. The normal heating temperature is 500 ~ 550 ℃ for 2 ~ 8h, then the furnace is cold (gray iron) or air cooled (ductile iron). The use of this process can eliminate the casting stress 90 ~ 95%, but the cast iron does not change. If the temperature exceeds 550 ℃ or holding time is too long, but will cause graphitization, casting strength and hardness reduction.

  • Precision Automobile Casting Parts
  • Green Sand Casting
  • Precision Casting Pump Valve Castings
  • Manganese Alloy Castings
  • Mining Machinery Castings
  • Alloy Aluminium Die Casting

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