Analysis On Structural Temperature Change In Cast Steel

- Mar 03, 2017 -

Casting steel processing is selected from the equipment flat bottom hole reflection wave height of the highest instrument, the steel casting process in the height of the screen up to 80% of the full scale, on this basis measured the other test pieces flat bottom hole reflection Wave height, make distance - amplitude correction curve, this curve is to assess the defect of the baseline. The castings should be cleaned before they are tested. Surface type sand pouring riser and other debris must be polished clean.

Casting steel processing industry and the machinery industry is closely related to the development of machinery industry will directly lead the development of steel casting industry. At present, several pillar industries supporting the rapid development of the machinery industry - automobile, power generation equipment, machine tools and the associated industry with the degree of large, leading role in the obvious. Therefore, in the long run, China's casting industry development trend is very good, many opportunities.

The density of the castings is very sensitive to the composition, structure and temperature of the steel. The density of the castings is also affected by the size or quality of the sections. The change in composition and structure has little effect on the elastic constants of carbon steel and low alloy steels determined at room temperature. The increase in temperature has a significant effect on the modulus of elasticity and rigidity.

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