Advanced Technology Of Precision Casting

- Jul 10, 2017 -

Precision Casting is a fusible model made of fusible materials, coated with a number of special fire-resistant coatings, after drying and hardening to form a monolithic shell, then, the model is melted from the shell by steam or hot water, then the shell is placed in the sand box, and the dry sand is filled around, and finally the mold is baked in the roasting furnace, and the cast or shell is roasted, Precision Casting and the casting is obtained by pouring molten metal.

Precision casting products obtained by precision, complexity, close to the final shape of the parts, not processing or the direct use of very little processing, Precision Casting is a near-net form of advanced technology, casting industry is an excellent technology, its application is very extensive. It is not only suitable for all kinds of casting of various kinds of alloys, but also produces castings of precision, surface quality than other casting methods, and even other casting methods are difficult to cast complex, high temperature, not easy to process castings, can be cast by precision casting.

At present, the world's precision casting technology developed rapidly, widely used, from the current situation, the future development trend of the process is casting products closer to the parts products, traditional precision castings as a blank, has not adapted to the rapid market strain. The complexity and quality of parts and components are becoming more and more high, the means of research and development are more and more strong, Precision Casting and the specialization collaboration begins to appear, and the application of CAD, CAM and CAE becomes the main technology of component product development.

From the present development situation analysis, the precision casting technology application surface is very widespread, future its development foreground wants to be broad.

Precision Casting Enterprise metal material mainly comes from outsourcing materials, the enterprise's waste castings, pouring riser. And the outsourcing of metal materials are often in bulk, very few pressed into a tubular, the material of different materials easily confused together, such as 316 materials mixed with 304 or 430 materials. Therefore, the precision casting enterprises should be as far as possible to choose the procurement of compressed material. The chemical composition of each batch of purchased materials was analyzed by Spectrum analyzer. If possible, Precision Casting the Supplier shall conduct field visits to assess whether the materials are marked, protected and segregated.

The scrap of the enterprise (scrap casting, pouring riser) should be carried out in addition to rust, oil, sand cleaning and clean and dry treatment, control s, p components. Moreover, the different materials of scrap steel to be identified, protected, separated and stored, can not be confused.

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