Ductile iron

- Mar 03, 2017 -

GB China QT400-18 QT400-15 QT450-10 QT500-7 QT600-3 QT700-2 QT800-2 QT900-2

JIS Japan FCD350-22 FCD400-18 FCD400-15 FCD450-10 FCD500-7 FCD600-3 FCD700-2 FCD800-2

KS Korea GCD370 GCD400 GCD450 GCD500 GCD600 GCD700 GCD800

AWS United States 60-40-18 65-45-12 80-55-06 100-70-03 120-90-02

UNS United States F32800 F33100 F33800 F34800 F36200

Features: complete product specifications, price concessions, well-packed, pure copper, good straightness, large inventory, can provide proof of material and SGS report.

  • Customized  EPC Casting
  • Precision Automobile Casting Parts
  • Resin Sand Casting
  • Customized Grey Iron Casting
  • High Chrome Steel Castings
  • Mining Machinery Castings

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