Ductile castings working materials

- Dec 15, 2017 -

  Nodular cast iron in the form of spherical graphite exists, its mechanical properties far better than the gray iron and close to the steel, it has excellent casting, cutting and wear resistance, a certain flexibility, widely used in the manufacture of crankshaft, Gears, pistons and other advanced castings and a variety of mechanical parts.

  In addition there are silicon, manganese, nickel or other elements particularly high amount of pig iron, called alloy pig iron, such as ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, etc., commonly used as steelmaking raw materials. Adding some alloy pig iron when making steel improves the performance of the steel.


  • Investment Casting for Machinery Parts
  • Pump Castings Lost Foam Casting
  • Precision Ductile Castings
  • Carbon Steel Casting
  • Precision Casting Pump Valve Castings
  • Manganese Alloy Castings

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