Casting process design

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Casting process design involves part of its own process design, pouring system design, the system design, outlet venting, chilling system design, special casting process design and so on.

Parts of the process itself involves the design of spare parts processing margin, pouring location, parting surface selection, selection of casting process parameters, dimensional tolerances, shrinkage, sloping, correction, classification of negative and so on.

Casting system is to guide the liquid metal into the mold cavity channel, pouring system designed to be reasonable or not, the quality of castings is very large, easily lead to various types of casting defects, such as: inadequate pouring, cold, sand, Inclusion slag, inclusions, sand and so casting defects. The design of the pouring system includes the choice of the type of pouring system, the choice of the location of the inner gate and the determination of the cross-sectional dimensions of each component of the pouring system. In addition, the choice of pouring system is also very important, then how to choose the right pouring system?

For mechanized assembly line, mass production, in order to facilitate the production and is conducive to ensuring the quality of castings, the runner is generally set in the mold parting surface, according to the casting blank casting location and parting surface of the choice, will be poured Road opened at the parting surface of the mold belongs to the "middle injection" pouring system. Liquid metal in the casting process will inevitably contain a certain "slag", in order to improve the casting system slag capacity, suitable for the use of "closed" pouring system.

In the casting process, the design of the casting process has a great influence on the quality of the cast product, but the choice of the casting system should not be ignored.

The design of the retracting system is a engineering technique that rationally designs risers and subsidies to compensate for the shrinkage of liquid and solidified castings produced during solidification in order to obtain sound castings.

Outlet for the discharge of gas within the cavity to improve the liquid metal filling ability to exclude the first filled to the cavity of the supercooled liquid and scum can also be used as a marker to observe whether the cavity is full.

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