Advantages of EPC

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Jing Hong industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of foundry products. Our company was founded in 1995, and has been in the foundry industry for more than 20 years. We have experience in dealing with all kinds of foundry products. Can produce all kinds of castings, such as manganese steel castings, alloy castings, wear-resistant castings, gray iron castings, ductile iron castings, steel castings, high chromium casting, in line with international standards or requirements. The advantages of EPC:


1. the size and shape of the castings are accurate, reproducible and have the characteristics of precision casting.

2. the surface finish of the castings is high.

3. off the sand core and core ministry, eradicates the casting defects and waste, caused by the core core;

4. inboxes and no models, greatly simplifying the molding process, eliminating the casting defects and waste products caused by taking the mould and closing the box.

5., dry sand molding without binder and moisture and without any additives can eliminate all kinds of casting defects and waste products caused by moisture, additives and binders.

6. simplified sand processing system, sand can be used repeatedly, canceled sand preparation and waste sand preparation department;

7. sand falling is very easy, which greatly reduces the workload and labor intensity of sand falling.

8. without flying burr, the work load of cleaning and grinding is reduced by more than 50%.

9. the reasonable shape of pouring and riser can be set in the ideal position, which is not restricted by the traditional factors such as typing, drawing and so on, reducing the internal defects of the castings.

10. negative pressure pouring is more beneficial to the filling and filling of liquid metal, and the density of the casting is increased.

11. combined casting, more than one box, greatly improved the production rate and production efficiency of the casting.

12. reduces the processing margin and reduces the machining cost.

13., it is easy to realize mechanized automatic production line. The production line has large elasticity. It can produce different alloys, shapes and sizes of castings on a production line.

You can cancel the 14. draft;

15. the life of the metal mould used is more than 100 thousand times, and the maintenance cost of the mould is reduced.

16. reduced the dust, smoke and noise pollution, greatly improved the working environment of the foundry workers, and reduced the work.

The dynamic strength, in male dominated industry can become to female dominated sectors;

17. simplifies the process operation and reduces the technical proficiency of the workers greatly.

18., the shape of parts is not limited by traditional casting process. It liberates the machine designers, and makes them design the most ideal casting shape freely according to the performance of parts.

19. can reduce the weight of the castings.

20. reduce the cost of production;

21. simplified plant design, investment in fixed assets can be reduced from 30 to 40%, area and building area can be reduced by 30 to 50%, the power consumption can be reduced from 10 to 20%;

22. the casting process of EPC is widely used, not only for cast steel and cast iron, but also for casting copper and cast aluminum.

23., EPC process is not only suitable for castings with simple geometry, but also suitable for castings with multi edges, multi cores and complex geometries, which are difficult to start by ordinary casting.

24. the process of EPC can be poured in the state of microearthquake, and it can promote the formation of the special metallographic structure, which is beneficial to the improvement of the inner quality of the casting.

25. in the dry sand combined pouring, the sand removal is easy, the temperature is synchronous, so the waste heat can be used to heat treatment. In particular, the treatment of water edge of high manganese steel castings and the solution treatment of heat-resistant cast steel is very effective. It can save a lot of energy and shorten the processing cycle.

26. the casting of any size can be completed according to the melting ability by the casting process of the EPC.

27. die casting is suitable for group casting, and it is easy to remove sand from dry sand, and some materials can also be used for waste heat treatment according to its use.


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